This is a version developed for the stage from the classic hit film of the same name, set during the miners' strike of 1984.

It follows the fortunes of Grimley Colliery Band from South Yorkshire as they qualify for the All England Brass Band Finals at the Royal Albert Hall for the first time, while their members face the probable closure of their pit and their redundancy.

The gritty script (warning: there is a good bit of 'language') is both laugh-out-loud funny and very poignant, interspersed with classic brass band pieces in rehearsal and in performance.

The narrator is an eight-year-old boy and there are parts for his younger brother and sister, although the gender of all the children could possibly be adapted to those available.

Adult parts are: five male (two younger, three older), and four female (two younger, two older), plus three bit parts. Yorkshire accents will be required. Once cast, some characters will need to learn from band members how to mime accurately playing instruments in the band (if they cannot play).

Read-thru Tuesday, February 2, auditions Thursday and Friday, February 4 & 5, all 7.30pm at Samuel Ward.

Please come along,
David (director)