The Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder at checkmate Manor

Director – Bernard Sipple

This was a delightful play, funny from the first moment the props began to fall about the stage prior to any actress setting foot on it. At first, the audience, myself included, were nervously giggling as a painting fell to the ground followed by other parts of the scenery.

We imagined the embarrassment of the poor props person, for it to dawn on us fairly soon that this was par for the course, and that carefully planned and executed manoeuvres had worked at exactly the right time. These plays can be hammed up, but the great thing about this performance was that it appeared natural. Mistimed entrances and exits were done well, mislaid or misused props were not done to death. The play carried on amid the scripted mishaps and I have to say that the acting was amazing.

I do not wish to single out any one performance as they were all terrific. It was interesting in one scene of revolving chairs that what seemed rather drawn out, in hindsight worked. Timing in comedy is one of the most difficult to master yet this cast in this production, with very strong direction from Bernard Sipple, achieved it to perfection. A hugely enjoyable evening.
Marion Giddings
Noda Regional Representative – District 7