The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Directed by David Hart

MD Nigel Brown

Choreography Becca Neal

It was lovely to watch a panto which was new in many respects. The “Oh yes he is, Oh no he isn’t” gags were there, the Dame, the damsel in distress and the dashing prince, the fall guys and the baddie, all the ingredients of a traditional panto but wrapped up in different cloth. And it worked.

The first half, the cast had to work hard on us, the audience, but the children amongst us soon got us oldies shouting out, booing and clapping.

The main cast were great, with some notable performances. Well done to Becca Neal, alias Margot Gargoyle and Denise Clayden, Gregory Gargoyle for moving the scenes on in wonderful Falstaff style. They were naturally funny and just right for their parts. Well done too to Dan Samuals who played Quasimodo so well I really felt an empathy with him. He got the tone and the character brilliantly, and the audience connected well.

Nick Keeble played the part of Fe Fe Large so well. Here was the traditional dame, although this time French, which brought its own comedy. I loved the scene filler in the second half where we had a French lesson and an audience participation sing song. Well done Nick for carrying off a difficult role with a performance which equalled that of most dames I have seen.

Andy Letcher was the baddie and had us all cheering with his untimely demise. The chorus were enthusiastic, and in many cases, kept in character well.

Just beware entrances and exits and not slip out of character, as well as keeping focused, looking out and not at each other during songs and dances. I must congratulate the musical direction.

The small band were great and were an enthusiastic part of the panto. Effective lighting, sound and costumes all contributed towards making this a very successful production.
Well directed David.
Marion Giddings
Noda Regional Representative – District 7