All Shook Up

Directed by Amy Letcher
MD Karen Chinery
Choreography Becca Neal

Rip-roaring musical took my breath away! - Karen Steel, Haverhill Echo
"This was a vibrant production of a musical inspired by songs of Elvis Presley, which while those of us in the audience were acquainted with them, must have been new to the cast.
The standing ovation said it all at the end of the Friday night performance and was really well deserved. Congratulations to the director for making this, her first, a tight, slick production. She harnessed all the energy and skill these teenagers could muster and transformed the stage at the Haverhill Arts Centre into a magical 1950’s Mid West American scene together with some clever scene changes and simple props, such as the juke box and the motor bike.
The musical arrangements were really good, with the orchestra adding, not drowning the vocals. The choreography was also good, with all the cast performing well. Again, well done Becca Neal for getting the cast to work together seemingly effortlessly, on this her first role as lead choreographer.
I was amazed at the quality of the singing. Lauren Chinery’s voice is beautiful and she surely must have a career in music in some form or another. Equally, for acting ability, Lee Mayers was superb. He carried out the difficult part really well without a moment’s slipping out of character. Again, another one to watch in the future if he chooses to go into the theatre.
Well done also to John Chandler whose natural flair for comedy made him the ideal choice for the part of Jim. I could continue to name names as they all did well and each and every one contributed to a wonderful night.
The strength of this company is the fact that a number of the cast have served an apprenticeship with HADOS and it shows. Let’s hope that those who go higher education are replaced by others who appeared in this production and who are more than able to move into lead roles, as there is a lot of talent amongst the group.
Yes, Lauran, the Centre Stage performance of All Shook Up left the audience exactly that, and tapping its feet."

Marion Giddings
Noda Regional Representative – District 7