Dead Man’s Hand

Director: Pam Lawrence
I had never seen this play before but all the familiar “Agatha Christie” elements were there. The isolated villa; the disconnected telephone; the threatening note and the strangers apparently brought together by chance. A chilly scenario from the past, that would seem unrealistic in this modern age of mobile phones and DNA etc. However, everything was not quite as it seemed and I have to admit that the first significant twist took me totally by surprise.
The small cast worked hard to build up the suspense and there were some strong, consistent, yet contrasting, performances from Denise Clayden, David Hart, Ian Davison, Lorraine Mason and Jan Davidson. Unfortunately, a member of the cast had fallen ill and his place was taken, at very short notice, by Steve Powter, who had to refer to a script.
This could have been dreadful but it is greatly to the credit of the whole company that, after a very short time, the audience accepted the situation and it did very little to detract from the development of the plot.
Steve’s characterisation seemed to strengthen as the play proceeded. Overall presentation was professional and effective and Pam Lawrence’s production created a very stimulating and enjoyable evening.
Michael G Williamson
Noda Regional Representative : District 1