Cinderella, Jan 2005:
'Most pantomimes claim they have somethjing for everyone, but this one truly did... local jokes, clever dance scenes and bags of audience participation... The strength of Centre Stage remains its huge range of assorted abilities across the age spectrum, especially the kids who are not just there to be cute, but are also talented.' Haverhill Weekly News.
Black Coffee, March 2005:
'Certain things have come to be expected from a Centre Stage prouction, including stand-out performances and spectacular costumes, and these were in plentiful supply... An enjoyable performance by an accomplished cast.' Haverhill Echo.
The Boyfriend, May 2005:
'On top of the all-round wonderful performance... the set designs and costumes provide an explosion of colour and set the scene perfectly.' Haverhill Echo. 'The ability of this group to switch from one medium to another with ease shows the huge depth of talent spanning all ages... The production managed to inject a kind of youthful innocence and exuberance which was quite charming.' Haverhill Weekly News.
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Drama Group's Production Of Macbeth, September 2005:
'This play within a play was expertly bad - it was meant to be...' Haverhill Echo.
Oliver!, November 2005: 'The costumes, sets and special effects were wonderful and the singing and acting were flawless...' Haverhill Echo. 'An almost faultless production where everyone looks to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, this show was exceptional, even by this group's high standards... It was especially pleasing to see sell-out audiences giving it the rapturous applause it so richly deserved... Centre Stage seems to have a bottomless pit of young talent.' Haverhill Weekly News